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Locomotive Underframe Fittings

Most of the high-quality white-metal castings detailed in the list were originally produced with the L.M.S 4F 0-6-0 in mind, and have proved very popular with those wishing to improve Lima, or kit-built models of this prototype. However, as increasing numbers of customers are finding, they include many parts suitable for a wide variety of other locomotives. We hope you will find something to help you with your next project.


P4F/U/1 4F. Brake-gear set comprises six shoe/hanger units, and three compensating beams. £2.95
P4F/U/2 4F. Sandbox set comprises six sandboxes, Two flush type fillers, four raised type fillers. £2.95
P4F/U/3 Locomotive Springs. (pkt 6) £2.95




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